The process

Thank you for visting this page.

I love to show you a little bit of the "behind the scenes". I draw every design by hand, mostly with pencils and markers. I am kind of "old school" and I just love sketching on paper. When the drawing is finished, I do make a digital version of it, to use for my products. Most of the products I print by hand. I only use vegan materials. ♥

I mostly work in black & white, but I work in color too. I love to paint on wood with acrylic paint.

Below you can see some sketches and such.

Green Turtle

Timelapse Video:

Coloured artworks on wood with acrylic paint

Avocado | Fly

Waves | Speciesism | Pig | Cat (the red cat is called Lucky ♥)

Always in my heart 🐖 (drawing on paper) | Gijs (acrylic paint on wood) 🐈

Animal Portrets ♥
(Durga 🐶 | Misty 🐱 | Lizzie 🐱)
Arthur & Olivia 🐖🐖 (rescued by Animal Rights) | Tattoo design 🐬
Ezra 🐶 | Survivor 🐂 (rescued by animal sanctuary Melief)