Art Print Unicorn Pig
Art Print Unicorn Pig
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Art Print Unicorn Pig

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Signed art print of a pig that whishes he could be a unicorn.
The idea behind this drawing is that if unicorns where real nobody would eat/harm them. But we have so many magical creatures here on earth with us, like cows, chickens and pigs. All with their own uniqueness and magic. So why eat/harm them? 

You can choose between a signed print without a message or 
a signed print with the printed message:
"Why can't I be a unicorn".

Printed on eco paper with vegan ink.
Size: A3 (you can cut the paper yourself to create a squared print like the example)
Art print only; without frame.

Printed with 100% vegan materials in Belgium

♥Part of the proceeds are donated to a vegan charity♥