Some turkey love 🦃

Yesterday I finished a drawing I made of two turkeys and this blog is all about these amazing beings ♥

A sneak peak of the drawing I made,
see the bottom of this post for the final result !

Some amazing facts about turkeys:
🦃They each have an unique voice, a way to recognize each other.
🦃The gender of a turkey can be determined by it's droppings.
Males have spiral shaped droppings and females droppings
in the form of the letter "J".
🦃 In the wild, a female turkey lays 1 egg a day for more than a week.

(Photo of baby turkeys taken at animal sanctuary Forrest & Friends)

🦃Thank you for loving animals!🦃

And at last some cuteness to brighten up your day!
♥ This video shows how affectionate these animals are ♥

Video made by Free From Harm