Are you read for some cuteness overload?

To brighten up your day here are some storiesof a few very special animals (because all animals are special)! 

This handsome bull is called Surivor and this is a photo from him and one of his rescuers at animal sanctuary Melief. He was rescued from a farm as a baby. I drew a portrait of Survivor, which also features as a tattoo for one of the sanctuary owners♥ Learn more about Survivor here.

This adorable doggie is called Forrest and he is the mascot of animal santuary Forrest & Friends. I made a mural of him and one of the pigs that live here too. Together they symbolize all of their residents and that all living beings are equally important.

This cutie is one of our foster kittens, we rescued a couple of years ago. She was very wild and we were incredibly lucky to have been able to catch here. After some time of socialisation she was adopted and lives happy in her purrfect forever home now with some other furry friends♥

The monkey in this drawing is called Benjamin and lives at wildlife sanctuary the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa. Definately check out there youtube videos for toooooo much cute videos of these adorable beings! Grab some tissues for this overload of cuteness.